Saturday, April 5, 2008

What creates an outfit? What completes a look?
We turn every page in the web hunting for those essential pieces that will make a difference in your attire, that will make you stand out (in a good way), that will make you happy.

Build your wardrobe from scratch, or add to it –from shoes to accessories and everything in between, let us guide you and make it fun.

We always provide two price options for every look so you can choose to indulge or save.

And if you want more from us, go ahead, email us.

To err is human, but we need to learn from those mistakes.
The people behind this site is a trio of friends who have made MANY mistakes in fashion and have learned –and are still learning, through tears and blood (seriously, I once pinched my finger trying to sew a hem) what is right and wrong in the work of fashion, in our bodies.
We’re not stick-thin models (well, one of us could be) and as such have real problems and continue to seek professional advice, which we’re passing on to you.